Brmgina Company History


Our Start in Web design

We started in the field of web programming and web design since web design was a breakthrough in the world of technology. We were working at the time in designing non-responsive websites, which forced us to make two different designs for computers, mobile devices, and small screens.


Getting into Forums Field

We were creating forums on the Internet using the most popular forum scripts at the time, such as: vBulletin - PHPBB Forums - Ahla Montada Forums and many scripts for social forums. We used to install forums, design templates and translating them under the name NiGh10GaLe.


Programming Development

We developed our programming so that we can implement special websites for our customers using PHP programming, and we went into great detail on how to make them safe from hacking. At that time, we also started developing the coding and design of the website's interfaces and pages to be responsive to all devices and different sizes of computer screens, large screens, and mobile phones.


Searching for Speed

We have always been trying to make the websites we work on fast, and while the development of technology day after day, old sites became slow and inappropriate with technology starting in 2014. We have come up with all the solutions we need to make our customers' websites fast by following the best programming methods and techniques used to reduce the page space the website that we program and code.


Using Wordpress Script

Brmgina company started a complete study of the currently famous content script called WordPress CMS since mid-2015 and we started programming clients’ websites using it by the beginning of 2016. Where we were creating templates (themes) using the WordPress software and customizing the codes for it using the PHP programming language. And we have come up with the best way to implement all websites in WordPress with all the required features, as if it were professional special programming, with the best performance and best speed, while following the full SEO basics for the speed of the website’s appearance in search engines.


Using OpenCart Script

We did a complete study of the OpenCart script, which is intended for creating online stores, and we implemented some projects using it, but in the end we found that it is better to implement large online stores using special programming because the script is suitable for simple stores as a programming basis and needs large customizations in the code to suit stores with huge features, in order not to waste time implementing our clients' websites.


Using Dimofinf Script

At this time, a script called Dimofinf began to spread, which is a content management script similar to WordPress and has great programming, but it is not free. It contains many plugins that make it a multipurpose CMS. We have been working on it for two years, from the fourth edition to the fifth edition.


Keeping up with the Programming Age

Many modern software appeared, and we had to study them as well, to always remain in continuous development in order to create the best websites ever for our customers. Some of the modern software that we are using in Brmgina company is Angular, Vue.js, React, and React Native for mobile applications. We also studied the modern programming language of Google, called Dart, which is used with the so-called Flutter to implement the latest mobile applications, which help in programming and designing a mobile application that works on Android devices and IOS devices for Apple phones.